• Junk mail and virus protection. (For further information see Junk Mail )

  • Provides a junk mail and virus proof contact link for use on a website:-
    Try these examples :- Email Us or John Smith

  • Automatic encryption of existing web pages containing multiple email addresses.
    See Email address encrypter

  • The website link can display a form to request further details from the sender
    eg. See our Printed Literature Request

Advanced Features

  • Alternative answers with variable spelling can be specified. 

  • Box numbers can be customised to accept or reject anonymous messages.

  • Senders can be redirected to web sites or other box numbers depending on the answers given.   

  • Question and answer screens can be customised with different background colours and greeting messages.

  • Junk mail proof standard reply forms can be set up quickly and easily.

  • For more detailed information about the advanced features - see Help