BoxNum Prices

    Activated free box numbers will expire after 6 months or less depending on the number chosen.
    If a free box number has excessive traffic (>100 messages per day) or
    if a number of free box numbers (more than 5) have similar email addresses
    a subscription may be needed. (Notice will be given). 

    Important: A new box number must be 'activated' before it can receive messages.
    (This is a procedure to confirm the email address.)
    To do this log in using the link in the email notification.
    If a box number is not activated within 2 weeks it will be deleted.
    Box numbers that are not activated can be taken by other users.
    You will be notified by email.
    After expiry it will not be possible to log into the box number although it will continue to accept messages normally for another 2 weeks.
    After 2 weeks the box number is blocked and cannot accept any messages.
    The expired box number will remain blocked for another 4 weeks and then it will be deleted.
    (If you wait until the box becomes blocked before taking a subscription then you will need to log in to the box number to re-activate it.)

    A subscription has the advantage that you keep your existing box number.
    The annual subscription cost depends on the box number selected.
    Standard box numbers are 1000+ and premium box numbers are less than 1000.
    Premium box numbers can have unlimited email addresses.
    You will be advised via email at the end of the free trial period.
    The email will contain details of payment options.
    The box number becomes blocked two weeks after expiry date if no payment has been received
    You can take a subscription at any time on an existing box number.
    The subscription will extend the expiry date by 12 months.
    If the box number has already expired the new expiry date is 12 months from the current date.

Basic box number
(12 months)

(12 months)
Free Trial Expiry
1000 to 999999 £10.00 ($15) £ 15.00 ($22) extra 6 months
100 to 999 £25.00 ($35) £ 15.00 ($22) extra 3 months
10 to 99 £100.00 ($150) included 1 month
1 to 9 £500.00 ($750) included 1 month

Payment is via PayPal which accepts the following cards:-   



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